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Corner Pines

Corner Pines

The underutilized, paved and fenced corner site has been opened up both visually and physically. The goal of the project was to create an extraverted space, framed with the enclosure that blurs the boundary between indoor and outdoor, with no other visible elements other than floating roof. The retail space to be rented out was envisioned as an extension of the pedestrian walkways around it. Its occupant is to have an outdoor experience in a climate controlled environment.  It is fully transparent, the pavement from the walkway continues into the internal space. Existing pine trees are left untouched, to become integral part of the interior.

The shape of the building, its underground floor that includes supporting spaces and the open-air terrace, is all determined by the site boundary and existing pine trees.

The major visible element is the roof structure which appears to be floating, since the four supporting columns wrapped in reflective stainless steel blend with the environment and stay unnoticeable. Formally, the roof resembles artificial topography, aiming to bring an uplifted urban green island covered with vegetation – which is not yet implemented. This steel plate structural skeleton enables long spans and integrates main mechanical systems within.

The self-supported twisting stair that leads to the terrace is the only obvious object which connects ground to the roof structure. It is a sculptural element that winds around one of the trees.

The interior space is defined by a canopy of plywood layers wrapping the ceiling and stair to form a continuous, homogeneous faceted enclosure.

At night, this object is like a lantern, that glows and projects the soft light around, reflected from the plywood ceiling surface.




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