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Kempinski Hotel

Kempinski Hotel

Based on a mountainside, the project is elevated above the roofscapes to open towards the central part of the historic city core. Its prime location and visibility, volume and  program, define key shaping principles.  

While being visible from far, the building breaks into fragments of various shapes, shades and textures to adapt to topography and surrounding fine-grain fabric of the old neighborhood, avoiding strong dominance of its otherwise massive volume.  

This aggregate of diverse forms of 1 & 2 floors, houses a Five Star boutique hotel for 80 keys, restaurants and spa. It's terraced geometry provides multiple outdoor platforms with green spaces and panoramic city views.  All major public internal spaces are also oriented towards vistas in various directions.

The central atrium which lets the daylight down to the lobby space forms main circulation spine and acts as a grand entrance to the hotel.




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Tbilisi, Georgia | Show Location