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Meama Collect - Beach

Meama Collect - Beach

Meama Collect Beach bars are temporary seasonal installations on Batumi sea coast, that serve as a coffee and cocktail brand’s anchor points.

The eye-catcher is the cloud-like, light-weight, dynamic canopy, that interacts with the constant wind. The main objective was to create a temporary assembly that would be dismantled and reassembled easily. The structure touches the ground at one point, and as it raises, it expands into 100 square meter canopy. In order to respond to the beach atmosphere, and to avoid heavy appearance, the frame is enclosed with fabric belts. These light-weight shading devices respond even to a gentle breeze and create the feeling of the sea waves.

The concept was informed by its location. Fixed in the middle of the coast, between the lively shore and very active Batumi boulevard, its round shape is welcoming visitors from around. The round bar, arranged around the structural core, accommodates all operations and essential storage facilities. The space around the bar is a platform that allows flexible, self-configurable sitting arrangements for various visitor groups as needed.

At night, as the beach gets dark, the self-illuminating canopy acts as a lantern that attracts people and spreads soft light to the surroundings.

This object is in constant motion, which blends with the rhythm and refreshing atmosphere of the seashore.




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Batumi, Georgia | Show Location